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DICP-Tool Prototype for Integrated Database Analysis

Details of the project adopted in FY2015(3 projects)

Subject Integrative database for exploiting published ChIP-seq data
Research Director Shinya Oki
Title and affiliation Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University
Outline In this project, all of the ChIP-seq raw data deposited in public databases (approx. 30,000 experimental data) will be processed to produce peak-call and coverage data. These data assembly will be visualized on a free genome browser (IGV), graphically showing binding evidence of proteins to any given loci in multiple cell types. Furhter analysises will be performed to predict genes regulated by given transcription factors (TFs) and novel TF-TF complexes colocalizing on multiple genomic loci.
Presentation documents Kickoff Meeting(PDF:5.83MB) クリエイティブ・コモンズ・ライセンス
Togo Symposium 2015 Poster presentation(PDF:2.9MB) クリエイティブ・コモンズ・ライセンス
Subject Development of a mobile application for cross-search of various herbal medicines
Research Director Tetsuo Katsuragi
Title and affiliation Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology
Outline Recently, there are growing needs of applying traditional crude drug systems for medical treatment. Nevertheless, the information related to these crude systems is still spreading, it is still merely available in the digital format and is based on published literature. In this research, towards the future development of databases for these crude drug systems, we develop a mobile-phone application in the Android platform for various kinds of crude drug systems. A plug-in system is introduced for adding other traditional crude drug systems to help users modifying the existing crude drug database or updating the database with the new crude drug systems from other countries that are expected to be available in future. This application offers a cross-database search for crude drug recipes and their efficacies by symptoms or herbal medicine ingredients.
Presentation documents Kickoff Meeting(PDF:444KB) クリエイティブ・コモンズ・ライセンス
Togo Symposium 2015 Poster presentation(PDF:1.1MB) クリエイティブ・コモンズ・ライセンス
Subject Interaction energy analysis between lectin and glycochain based on quantum mechanical calculation
Research Director Shogo Nakano
Title and affiliation Assistant Professor, School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University of Shizuoka
Outline Interaction energy between lectin and glycochain will be estimated by quantum mechanical calculation (QM). In addition, we try to develop algorithm to predict structural flexibility and affinity of lectin and various glycochain. PyMOL plugin supporting analysis for results of QM calculation will be developed to expand database of lectin and glycochain toward researchers who major in structural biology and computational chemistry. The results will be connected to other database, such as disease, medicine and environmental compounds.
Presentation documents Kickoff Meeting(PDF:1.36MB) クリエイティブ・コモンズ・ライセンス
Togo Symposium 2015 Poster presentation(PDF:1.5MB) クリエイティブ・コモンズ・ライセンス