Public relations activities

The NBDC implements the following public relations activities so people will utilize our web services and to disseminate the meaning and outcome of our project to many people.


We post helpful articles, including actual case examples and tips on database construction, utilization, and brief explanations on hot topics in the field of life sciences.


We send out an e-mail newsletter approximately once a month with information on the events that the NBDC is hosting and our blog updates.
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We tweet the latest information from the NBDC, such as events, database updates and calls for research proposals.
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The NBDC holds a symposium every year by marking October 5th as "Day of Database Togo (integration)" for considering the issues related to data integration in the field of life sciences together and deepening discussion.


The NBDC conducts the Integrated Database Workshop: AJACS which introduces how to use life science databases and tools, and our activities for integrating databases.

Exhibits at academic society conferences

We exhibit booths that describe the services offered by the NBDC and send our researchers to present at annual conferences of academic societies in life sciences and scientific events.


This brochure introduces the databases and web tools developed by the NBDC and provides an overview of the NBDC's business activities.


This section describes the meaning of the NBDC logo, its image data, the policy for using the logo and so forth.

Inquiries & opinions

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this website or the web-based services that NBDC provides or wish to consult with us regarding research data or databases.