Database Integration Coordination Program (DICP)

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From FY 2017


To promote integrated utilization of research data, the Database Integration Coordination Program (hereinafter referred to as this Program) targets the databases that collect over a wide scope the research data produced by research in the life sciences in Japan to promote research and development for turning the data into data that is more valuable to a larger and more diverse population of researchers. Specifically, activities include the construction of a system for collection, standardization, quality control, release, sharing and stable operation of research data, coordination and integration of databases developed separately as well as development of the technology necessary to address this, design and development of interfaces to improve research efficiency and development of tools. In implementing these research and development activities, close coordination and cooperation with data providers and users (including researcher communities such as academic societies and associations, and industrial communities such as the food product industry and pharmaceutical industry) are essential.

By implementing this Program, we are aiming to establish an information infrastructure which allows researchers in the life sciences to not only easily browse and refer to the intended scientific knowledge but also to discover useful information in related fields which would be impossible to obtain in a single research project, and find new knowledge through large-scale analysis utilizing the data made available to the public. We hope this contributes as an infrastructure for creating scientific and technological innovations which provide solutions to issues related to food, environment, energy, health and medicine.

Research Supervisor

ITO Takashi

Professor, Department of Basic Medicine, Kyushu University
(From Nov. 2019 (From Nov. 2019 to Mar. 2020, was referred to as the "Deputy Research Director".) )

Previous Research Supervisor

NAGASU Takeshi (Previously worked at Eisai Co., Ltd) (From Apr. 2014 to Mar. 2020)

Research Advisors

ITO Takashi Professor, Department of Basic Medicine, Kyushu University (To Oct. 2019)
ITOH Takeshi Leader, Advanced Analysis Center, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (From Nov. 2017)
IWASAKI Wataru Associate Professor, School of Science, The University of Tokyo
SAKATA Tsuneaki Senior Fellow, Shionogi and Co., Ltd.
Specially Appointed Professor, Cybermedia Center, Osaka University
SESE Jun Representative Director CEO, Humanome Lab Ltd.
HARADA Akiko Research Associate, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University
FUKAMI Kaoru Head, Bioresource Information Division, RIKEN BioResource Center, RIKEN (To Aug. 2017)
MIZUGUCHI Kenji Group Leader, National Institute of Biomedical Innovation( Laboratory of Bioinformatics),
National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition

(As of November 1, 2019, in order of the Japanese syllabary)

Funded Projects of this Program

Projects funded in FY 2018

Projects funded in FY 2017

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