Data expansion and quality improvement of the Glycoscience Portal aiming towards interdisciplinary fusion


  • In progress
  • Database Integration Coordination Program (DICP)
  • Projects funded in FY 2022-Full-fledged

Name and affiliation of Research Director


Professor / Deputy Director, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Soka University

Outline of R&D

The GlyCosmos Portal, which integrates glycoscience information with other omics data, will be improved to promote interdisciplinary integration with microorganisms, plants, proteomics, and other fields. Specifically, the repositories will be expanded to accept new lectin microarray data, microorganism-related glycan information, as well as glycan-related pathway data. In addition, a system to curate and publish the repository data will be established.

Main database(s) subject to research and development

GlyCosmos Portal

Period of research and development

Apr 2022 to Mar 2027

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