Integration of databases for systems science of biological dynamics


  • Completed
  • Database Integration Coordination Program (DICP)
  • Projects funded in FY 2012

Name and affiliation of Research Director

ONAMI Shuichi

Team Leader, Laboratory for Developmental Dynamics, RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center

Outline of R&D

Systems science of biological dynamics is a field of life science aiming at understanding and engineering life as a dynamic system, which is expected to make a great impact on all fields of science in the 21st century as a new trend in life science. In this field, a massive amount of new types of data are being produced for a variety of biological phenomena; the data contain quantitative information about spatiotemporal dynamics of biological system. To make best use of these data, this project develops a system for database integration so that all databases in this field will be developed and integrated at the same time.

Main database(s) subject to research and development

Period of research and development

May 2012 to March 2015

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