jPOST prime: proteome database environment based on community cooperation


  • In progress
  • Database Integration Coordination Program (DICP)
  • Projects funded in FY 2023_Full-fledged

Name and affiliation of Research Director

Yasushi Ishihama

Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University

Outline of R&D

We will expand data and enhance the functionality of the integrated proteome database jPOST, which consists of a raw data repository of proteomes including a wide variety of species and post-translational modifications, and a database of reanalyzed data that enables expression analysis. jPOST prime, a collaborative community in which the development team and database users will work together, will be established that contribute to the life science, information science, clinical, engineering, and food fields by data science.

Main database(s) subject to research and development

Japan Proteome Standard Repository/Database (jPOST)

Period of research and development

Apr 2023 to Mar 2028

Grant Number


Inquiries & opinions

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