A general framework for interlinking data between RDF stores and its application to ortholog analysis


  • Completed
  • DICP Tool Prototype Trial for Integrated Database Analysis
  • Projects funded in FY 2014

Name and affiliation of Research Director

CHIBA Hirokazu

Research Staff, National Institute for Basic Biology

Outline of R&D

Recently, several biological databases have been reconstructed as RDF stores that are accessible via SPARQL, and they now appear to form distributed databases over the Web. To discover biological knowledge using these databases, it is crucial to develop a technology to interlink the data between them. Herein, I will propose a general framework for interlinking the data between RDF stores with easy operation. On the basis of this framework, I will integrate various types of gene information using the ortholog database as a hub of links, thus aiming at the discovery of biological knowledge.

Main database(s) subject to research and development

Period of research and development

September 2014 to February 2015

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