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Goals of the NBDC

NBDC serves proudly as a national database center of Japan, integrating the scattered life science related databases all around the world, with an aim to optimize the value of the scientific data.

(1)Strategic planning for database research and development

Timely strategic planning for database research and development is critical to life science research. The strategy for life science research will influence Japan's competitiveness in this field.

(2)Enhancement of the life science databases

Integration of databases among the Cabinet Office and Ministries

By integrating databases among the Cabinet Office and Ministries and efficiently returning this data to researchers and the industrial community, the NBDC will make new knowledge available. In addition, integration of databases is expected to aid in the further development of life science and the creation of new industries in Japan.

Technology development for database integration

Adding value to high-quality content collected from all over Japan can only be realised with highly developed fundamental technology of databases. Subsequently, this technology will serve to promote research and the industrial applications of bioinformatics and information technology in Japan.

Funding programs

Repletion of databases is accelerated by support of research and development topics related to the aforementioned integration of databases among the Cabinet Office and Ministries and technology development through funding programs.

(3) Sharing research data

As typified by the term "open innovation", it is important to concentrate collective knowledge from many fields of science and industry in order to facilitate their future development. It is desirable for all databases of the participating organizations to make their databases unconditionally available. On the other hand, we are aware that political measures and policies of the Ministries and data providers differ respectively and therefore are willing to be flexible.

(4)International cooperation

In preparing the integrated databases, it will be important to make the best use of Japan's unique content and advanced information technologies. Such efforts will promote cooperation on even ground with other countries, including both Western and Asian nations, and thereby strengthen our international competitiveness.