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About R&D programs

With an aim to promote database Integration, we provide research funding programs , "Database Integration Coordination Program(DICP)“.

Research Supervisor






Takeshi Nagasu


Database Integration Coordination Program(DICP)


To integrate life science DBs from a wide range of sources, encompassing various species, objectives, and projects.

Research Advisors:

Takashi Ito Professor, School of Science, The University of Tokyo
Hideko Urushihara Emeritus Professor, University of Tsukuba
Masaharu Kanaoka President, Sumika Chemical Analysis Services, Ltd.
Mitsunobu Kano Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama University
Takuji Sasaki Professor, Research Institute, Tokyo University of Agriculture
Hiroyuki Toh Professor, School of Science and Technology, KWANSEI GAKUIN University
kaoru Fukami Head, Bioresource Information Division, RIKEN BioResource Center, RIKEN
(Posted in alphabetical order; April 1, 2015)



On-going Projects:

Details of the projects adopted in FY2015(2 projects)

Details of the projects adopted in FY2017(9 projects)