ATAC-seq and Bisulfite-seq data have been newly added to ChIP-Atlas.

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Oct 12, 2021

On October 4, 2021, Associate Professor Shinya Oki of Kyoto University added ATAC-seq and Bisulfite-seq data to "ChIP-Atlas", an epigenomics database supported by JST-NBDC Database Integration Coordination Program (DICP).

By adding ATAC-seq and Bisulfite-seq data to "ChIP-Atlas", users can comprehensively analyze not only information of transcription factors binding to genome and histone modifications, but also of DNA methylations and open chromatin regions. More sophisticated in silico integrated analysis in epigenomics research can be performed easily using new "ChIP-Atlas".

About ChIP-Atlas

"ChIP-Atlas" is a database that re-analyzes almost all the published data of ChIP-seq, DNase-seq, ATAC-seq and Bisulfite-seq data using unified protocols, respectively, and organizes them by antigens, species and cell types. "ChIP-Atlas" includes the following functions,

  • Showing various antigen binding peaks of multiple experiments in a genome browser in parallel.
  • Listing up target genes for a specified transcription factor.
  • Investigating co-localized transcription factors.
  • Predicting transcription factors controlling a given gene set by enrichment analysis.

Supplementary information

  • ChIP-seq: an experimental method to detect genomic regions to which DNA-binding proteins such as transcription factors are bound, or to detect methylated or acetylated histone regions, by chromatin immunoprecipitation.
  • DNase-seq: an experimental method to detect open chromatin regions using DNase I.
  • ATAC-seq: an experimental method to detect open chromatin regions using modified Tn5 transposase.
  • Bisulfite-seq: an experimental method to detect methylated DNA regions of genome using bisulfite.

Contents of ChIP-Atlas (October 4, 2021)

  • ChIP-seq 140,959 experiments
  • ATAC-seq 52,135 experiments
  • DNA-seq 2,869 experiments
  • Bisulfite-seq 28,696 experiments

Total 224,659 experiments

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