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Oct 6, 2020

The Human Genome Variation Database (HGVDB) ( has been discontinued as of Oct 6, 2020. Thank you for your long-time use of this service.

The data in the HGVDB can be available on the "DBKERO", which is operated by the University of Tokyo.
In addition, a part of the data in the HGVDB can be downloaded from the "NBDC Human Database".


The DBKERO is a database that integrates single nucleotide variations, epigenomic data (histone modifications and methylation patterns of DNA) and transcriptomic information (expression levels and patterns of splicing) with human genomic information.

About the NBDC human database

The NBDC human database is a platform for sharing and use various data generated from human specimens while taking into account the protection of personal information.

To use the data published in the NBDC Human Data Database, it is necessary to comply with the "NBDC Guidelines for Human Data Sharing" and the "NBDC Security Guidelines for Human Data".
In addition, applications are required for restricted public data.

The HGVDB-derived data sets are as follows:

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