Usage status on databases


We analyze and release the utilization status (access information) of services provided by the NBDC and services provided by projects funded by the NBDC using AWStats (
We plan to set the release frequency to 4 times a year.
We compress and store CSV format files in a ZIP format file. Multiple CSV files are generated when a ZIP file is decompressed.

Status of usage of services provided by the NBDC (posted on Apr. 24, 2018)

Databases for which the status is posted

  • NBDC website
  • Integbio Database Catalog
  • LSDB Cross Search
  • Life Science Database Archive
  • NBDC RDF Portal
  • NBDC Human Database
  • TogoProt
  • NBDC public relations website
  • PURL
  • NBDC Group Sharing Database

Usage status on services provided by projects (posted on Apr. 24, 2018)

Archiving of access information (April 2013 to March 2017)

Databases for which the status is posted

  • Services developed and operated by projects that are part of the Database Integration Coordination Program and collaborative research projects

Inquiries & opinions

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this website or the web-based services that NBDC provides or wish to consult with us regarding research data or databases.